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Through the fine art of "gracefully stumbling" (and sometimes not so gracefully) through this thing called life, I'm picking up a few things along the way that have really put the wheels in motion for me. Like everyone I know I've experienced some challenges along the way and I'm really starting to see the perfection in those trying moments because they have all brought me closer to my purpose and mission. For that I am truly grateful.

Wellness is a central theme in my life, whether it be physical, metal or emotional and by virtue of me having experienced the other side of the coin (not "feeling well"), I've spent a good portion of my life seeking that. The void I felt led me to pursue and educate myself in many areas surrounding wellness and what it means to me. It's here on this little blog of mine that I share my insights and "AHA" moments. My blogging has been sporadic over the years, and looking back some of the posts I originally wrote do not resonate with me like they did at the time I wrote them, but I keep them here as a testament to my own growth. I created this blog with the intention of connecting & creating a community of women that support, empower and inspire one another, bringing us all closer to fulfilling our own life's mission.

I give credit to the people who have challenged me most over the years, the level of discomfort that I felt I was in led to me pursuing the very things that make my heart swell, to living a life of purpose and connecting me to what I value most. As a result I am now a Trained Demartini Method® Facilitator, have completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and am using this methodology and Yoga to aid others in their own wellness. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to connect with others and be of service to them. I work with people in private or group sessions, using the Demartini Method® as well as teaching Yoga

Authenticity, intention, gratitude & love is what I base my foundation on and through continuous self-evaluation and doing the "work" I see the magic in my life unfolding.

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