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FEAR – The Other Four Letter F Word

FEAR...the OTHER four letter F word. I'm reflecting today about how crippling fear is, how it keeps us repeating patterns that don't serve us in truly stepping into living with complete integrity towards ourselves and our true nature. Whether that be in our personal lives, relationships or career choices. Largely based on past events, we…
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A Yoga Practice That Goes Beyond Your Mat – Ahimsa

First in a many part series, I’m aiming to break down the eight limbs of yoga into practical applications for daily living. The goal is to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sweetheart) and initiate further inner awareness and personal reflection. You may notice that these principles cross over and can be found in the texts of…
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Vengeance – A Plea for Peace

                What is it you seek in the blackened cloud of vengeance? Retribution? Annihilation of an “enemy”? A false and temporary relief from your perceived self-loathing, pain and fear? Has the darkness overshadowed your own light? Have you become so vested in the desire to be right, that you have…
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