Divine Relationships – The Straight Goods

This morning I posted a quote on Facebook that I love so very much, it's appeared once before on my blog, with a post titled "The Simple Truth About Friendship".  I usually keep my blogs posts to once weekly but I have something in me I just need to get out! Okay, but I'm getting ahead of myself...here's the quote;

Set your life on fire

Oprah calls them "aha" moments - I call them a few different things depending on my mood. I'm feeling a bit light-hearted and cheeky today so lets just call it a holy sh*t moment!

I promised myself that no matter what I would not delete any of my past posts on my blog, because they are all a testament as to where I've been and what my take on the experiences were at that moment in time. Back in March of 2012, when I first wrote that post (you may want to quickly check it out so you know what I'm talking about) I was in a space where I felt I needed to create boundaries with people. I have had a history of over-extending myself, devaluing my skills and doing things for others to prove just how "nice" I was. Sheesh! Busting my ass, going above and beyond, dedicated to excellence (good qualities to have), but then giving my hard work away for free. Because somewhere inside of me I didn't feel good enough, that I actually deserved to be compensated fairly for the work I put in. My take on this whole encounter was that this gal was ungrateful, demanding and disrespectful and that I needed to put an end to this relationship, and stop allowing her to take advantage of me. After all, she sure wasn't "fanning my flames"

And now here comes the HOLY SH*T moment..... Drum roll please!!!

Today I realized that YES indeed she was fanning those flames like no other! I am so crazy grateful to her for that and my heart is bubbling as I write this. I'll bet you're thinking that I've lost my marbles...truth is I probably lost those a long time ago. <wink wink>

Anyways, back to my point. Two months ago I read the book "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss, I also have the audio version that I listen to in my car. In it she talks about divine messengers that are in our lives for the purpose of helping us to transcend the beliefs we hold about ourselves that keep us stuck. How incredible and beautiful is that? To be able to shift your thinking and realise that every person that you felt has ever done wrong by you, was actually in your life for the "soul" purpose to help you break free of your own perceived limitations, weaknesses and invite you to show up in the fullest and grandest version of yourself? If that isn't fanning your flames, I don't know what is!

My messenger nudged, or rather pushed me into learning how to say NO, to know my worth and value, to set my boundaries - all the things that have been challenging for me in my life.

Funny thing is this gal just won't go away (she happens to be a friend of my moms). I wrote about her again in another post not too long ago...and I see how she has upped her game a wee bit. She's very much helping me to stop caring so much about what everybody thinks, gain clarity and approach this all from a place of love and gratitude. I'm actually hoping she sticks around a while longer. I think there is more work for us to do together. (HA HA)

Whatever story you may find that you have told yourself, know that there is someone in your life that is bringing you to a place where you can overcome that. Actually, it's a two for one because as they push you towards dissolving your limiting beliefs they are also showing you parts of your denied self (yes everything your perceive in them you have in you), and in making peace with that we can remove so many of our stumbling blocks. We don't have to hide or repress parts of ourselves anymore which ultimately leads to radical self acceptance and self-love. So, be bold and take stock of the amazing connection we all have with one another, allow yourself to open your mind, to see things another way because although things may not initially appear that way this Universe, God, Source is all conspiring in your favor!!!

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