How Dealing With Resistance Opened the Floodgate

Stop Resisting and Start ReceivingThe last few days have been EPIC.

Finding a way to put this into words has been really challenging.  This past weekend taught me so much, and things keep unfolding as the days go by. I'm soaking it all in. I'm on the receiving end of a few wonderful things these last few days.

Seemingly,  being commited and shedding resistance goes a long way...

This past weekend, I pushed myself through another self imposed obstacle. I did it intentionally and with full awareness. Quite possibly one of the most intentional things I've ever done. I knew I had to do it - because if I didn't, everything that I have been striving for and working towards would have come to a screeching halt.

Let me tell you, the resistance I felt was huge, which made coming through the other side that much more rewarding. The best part was that once I shifted my energy about what I had felt so uncomfortable about doing, the flood gates opened up.  Here's something I really want you to know;

Resistance breeds more resistance and letting go allows for things to flow.

Once we commit to helping ourselves, engagement from the outside occurs. It's been my experience that the deeper I'm committed to honoring and staying true to myself, the more the world around me brings me exactly what I need to move to the next step.  Things get brought to a whole new level. This has been a most memorable and powerful experience, to be able to be in a moment in which I consciously released resistance and faced what I felt challenged by head on, and then simultaneously experiencing and observing the shift that happened in the people around me.

Not only did I have to make the choice to truly honor myself, but I also had to honour the people that have invested their time and energy in helping me succeed. So, it wasn't just a matter of doing "right by me" I had to do "right by them" as well. I'm not willing to jeopardize all the help that has and is coming my way by not taking action and following through.

I've been on the receiving end of a lot of support lately. People investing their time and energy into my goals, dreams and success. At times I'm actually slightly dumb founded by it all and the gratitude I have been feeling about it has reduced me to tears more times than I'd like to admit. I feel so incredibly blessed.

In the past I've been resistant to asking for and accepting help from others. Accepting compliments, tokens of gratitude, even having a friend buy me lunch was challenging for me. Sometimes it still is, and I know that part of me feels that I have some element of  maintaining false control over a situation when I'm the one giving.

I've really had to bring some awareness to the resistance I felt in receiving and have come to a place of understanding that there is an exchange of energy that takes place when we allow ourselves to fully receive. It's an important part of being in the flow, and a vital part of the process of creation. By resisting and blocking that energy we are essentially saying NO,  and are failing to acknowledge the value of what it is we are giving to others.

Can I ask this? In resisting help, compliments, or tokens of appreciation is that not a pretty clear indication that we are failing to recognize the gifts we have to give to others? Are we minimizing the contribution we make in someone else's life when we say "Awww no, you shouldn't have" instead of just smiling and saying thank you? I've had to remind myself of this countless times over the last few days. To be fully present and in a space of simple gratitude.

There is always an exchange taking place, and while I have sometimes devalued my own contribution in the lives of others, I'm coming to realize that on some level they are also deriving value for themselves from those shared interactions. It's a mutual honoring of how we all add value to each others lives. It's connection. I was reminded of that yesterday while meeting a friend and helping her work through something she felt challenged with. She insisted on paying for lunch and said "I value your knowledge and time". That really hit home.

So friends, if you want to open up space to bring your dreams to fruition, you're going to have to allow the good to trickle through. You are going to have to stop fighting yourself. And, guess what? The obstacles you perceive that are standing in your way, you put them there and ultimately at the end of the day you are the one that has the power to clear them.

You are going to have to own that you make a difference in the life of another human being, and that by accepting whatever wonderful offerings come into your life as a result, you are in fact saying yes to what life has to give. We all have a gift to give to each other. That is one of the wonderful parts of being human.

Whatever form that takes, perhaps it's just being fully present in a conversation, or inspiring someone to see their own greatness,  or maybe it's through challenging them to look at their life in a way they haven't before.

So stop fighting, accept help and make space for a life of fulfillment beyond what you ever thought could be possible for you!

XO Jackie
















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