Hi Jackie, 

Thanks so much for hosting this great day!  You're right when you say it was a bit of a mind bender and not what I expected.  Not necessarily in a bad way, just emotions I didn't realize I had suppressed. 
Thanks again for the whole day!  I can say that yoga has become something I'm learning to really enjoy because of you. 


Hey Jackie!!
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Saturday in Dewinton!  I loved, loved, loved the two hours of Yoga...what a great way to start the day.  I have pleasantly surprised myself a few times since by drawing on the Demartini Method to deal with career and personal situations!  Whodathunk it!!  LOL!
As one of the late-comers, I appreciate you fitting me in. 
Take Care!! 
Pam Cairns

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your experiences with me. I'll most definitely continue to use the Demartini Method . Pam Walker


My personal favorite was the yoga, probably because it felt so good, 2 hours flew by!

I WILL use the worksheet if I find myself stuck on something, having the concrete questions to guide you through is helpful. The values exercise was also very beneficial.

I have been to other workshops and I did not feel the same energy that you cultivated with your group. I knew very few people but felt very comfortable. This is a testament to the tone you set from start to end. – Allison