Why Having A System Matters

systemsWhat is the value of having a system? I've found myself evaluating this in greater detail. Where do we have existing systems that are working to our benefit? In business, our personal lives, on our yoga mat - or even in the kitchen (the last two being my favorite places to be).

So go figure, I go to a workshop about brand building and come out contemplating life...

This past Friday I had the good fortune of attending something called the B.R.A.N.D. Building Boot Camp. The gal behind this, Sammy Blindell is a gem. Not only is she a marketing and branding whiz, she is also 100% real.  She really cares about people, establishing relationships and building trust. And as we all know, trust is a valuable commodity these days! Anyways, this is not meant to come off as a plug, or a pitch, I was just super impressed with the whole thing and as a result I would highly recommend Sammy and her workshop to any entrepreneurs out there.

So where is this going?

Sammy spoke about the importance of following a system when it comes to branding and marketing.  Entrepreneurs are creative people, a great idea presents itself and out we go into the world, guns blazing! That's great, I've been there - and after last week I realized where the gaps were. The key pieces and steps that I have neglected in following a system. It was a massive take-away for me and as always I started to reflect on how this principle applies to life.

Overthinking the absolute s*** out of everything again, I know!

Many of you who know me, know that there are a few things that really light me up. Health, wellness, personal growth, cooking, yoga and writing. Essentially anything that contributes to helping others achieve life balance; mentally, physically and emotionally.

My life's purpose is deeply connected to that so if I can share something, anything that brings anyone even a smidgen closer to their optimal state of functioning; well that is a win for me.

Bear with me as I jump around a bit, there is a point to all of this...

Yesterday, I baked a cake. I don't bake. I don't like baking. It's rigid, too precise and doesn't lend itself well to "just winging it". It's systematic. There are rules that have to be followed in order to attain success in the finished product. Those rules are inclusive of correct temperature, chemical processes, exact measurements, adding certain ingredients in a certain order and let's not even start with the over mixing part! There's more I'm sure, but you get my point, right?  Not following a system, plan or skipping a step, can lead to less than ideal and sometimes disastrous results. 

So what the common thread between success in a recipe versus success in life?

Sometimes friends, you can "wing it", figure things out as you go along and create space for non attachment and possibility. Sounds like the yoga teacher in me is taking over... But, even in yoga there is a system, a profound one at that. It's not just total random stretching, postures and movements. Shocking, right?

There are steps, guidelines, sequences, things to be mindful of to attain a desired or favorable outcome. The point being at the end of this all is...

Where can you see that you have systems in your life that work for you?
Where do you need to implement systems so as to yield the maximum benefit of your efforts?
To save both time and money?

All that and more came from a marketing and branding workshop. I can't help but give Sammy a plug for the light bulb moment and super valuable information that was shared. That's what I do. Share valuable information...

See how I just brought together everything I love to do in one bright and shiny read? Pretty clever of me, isn't it?

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